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2024 January 2nd

A 360° image of the model apartment
Here you can see what our model apartment looks like.

2023 December 27th

We have reached 80% completion of our project.

2023 October10th

OPEN DAY for the mock-up apartment
We are looking forward to seeing you!

2023 May 13th

We reached the roof.
Celebrate this day with us.
Special benefits have been created for our sale day!

2022 December16th

Sales of lamella C has started

2022 June 6th

Sales of lamella D has started.

2022 March 14th

Construction of the first phase of the project (lamellas C, D and E) commenced.

2022 March 4th

The contract was signed with the construction firm Penta Ge.Co. Construction that will be engaged as general contractor.

2022 March 1st

The sale of the first phase of the project began starting with Lamella E.

2022 March 1st

The contract was signed with the company Arhi Nova which will supervise the works.

2022 February 24th

We received the registration of works for the first phase of the project.

2022 February 10th

Construction permits for both phases of the project are final.

2021 December 6th

The model was completed.

2022 October

The project was named “Swallows” (in Serbian: Lastavice).

2021 April 22nd

We received the location requirements for both plots.

2020 June 29th

The contract was signed with the architectural firm ZAP.

2020 May

We purchased construction plots 5298/12 and 5298/9 to construct a residential and commercial complex.

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